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My friend turned her mess into a message

During one of the darkest days of my life I had a friend gift me a simple beaded bracelet. I continue even today four years later to wear that bracelet everyday. I wear it as a reminder of two things. Life is messy and I am not alone in that mess. As time passed I started to order this simple bracelet to give out to my friends who were experiencing difficult times. The creator was such a precious soul. She was one of those people that even though I had never met her in person, I just knew she was an angel sent from above. I ask her recently to share her story on my blog. She

happily agreed. I hope you feel inspired by her story below.

Growing up I was never a jewelry person. Surprising, I know, but I wasn't really a girly-girl. The little bit of jewelry I did wear were gifts that meant a lot to me and I would become emotionally attached to them, never wanting to go a day without wearing them. Fast forward to Feb. 2017, I was searching for this unique table my husband and I have because I wanted a second one. It was a Haverty's piece and they no longer carried it so I was searching on eBay. While searching there was a sidebar advertising pendant necklaces and one caught my eye with a scripture in it. I thought, "oh I can make that". Then began FreeLoveDesigns. A few months into selling pendants to local friends and family, I was asked to make a bracelet and so I began making bracelets. A year later I had this plastic bowl full of leftover beads from all the custom orders I had done. I didn't know what to do with this bowl of mixed up beads. I had purchased a string of white crosses but had not used them yet and literally just began stringing all these beads with no rhyme or reason, and halfway through the first one I thought "the white crosses!" So I added the white cross to my first one and the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me, "What a beautiful mess." Tears were streaming down my cheeks as I hand wrote the "messy message" on a post-it note. I was able to make 15 Messy's from that bowl of beads and I gave them away on Facebook. The next morning I woke up to many messages asking specifically for a Messy. 

There are now over 4,200 Messy's around the world, and I am truly humbled to be able to share the Love of Christ through something so simple. Each Messy is prayed over before it is mailed, and no two Messy's are the same - so your Messy is unique just like you.

Vickie Freeman creator of the Messy Bracelet and Founder of freelovedesignbyvlf

You can find my sweet friend on Instagram under Freelovedesignsbyvlf and Etsy.

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