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The Beginning of My Journey

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Do you believe in the nudging of God? If so, you will completely understand this journey that I am on. All throughout my life, I have been a believer that God guides our life where it needs to go. I have also had many times where I did not trust Him because I wanted to be in control all of the outcomes in my life on my own. My plan is to share stories of times in my life where God completely took all of that control away, and He required me to TRUST and JUST BELIEVE that His Plan was better than mine. Now, back to the nudging of God. The last few years have left me in some pretty serious and unexpected situations where I had to trust God. This nudging from God would not stop until I shared my family's story with the world, that is how this journey begins.

To begin telling my story of Believing, the story I will start with is one that means so much to me. We will go back to July 26th, 2019. This was one of those days where Just Believing was all my family and I had to cling to. It was the day my precious daughter was taken in for a six hour long craniotomy to remove an unknown mass at the base of her brain, which had been causing her great pain and discomfort for some time. The months of praying for a reasoning behind her suffering had taken a very unexpected turn. We finally got the diagnosis on July 23, 2019. This finding would land us in the hospital for five days, patiently waiting for her surgery the following Friday.

The five days leading up to the surgery were the hardest. All the apprehension, the nervousness, and the what if's were agonizing. The only way you get through something like that that is through family, friends and faith. In those five days, we were greeted with just that. She had over two-hundred people show up with food, gifts, and prayers that carried us through that long week. To my knowledge, we had people praying in at least six different states and maybe even more. We had five different preachers from five different religious denominations come pray with her and our family. I am a witness to all of the ways that the Spirit was alive in that hospital room throughout the week. One preacher specifically visited and led a beautiful prayer. He left her and our family a verse on that first day of waiting, and it was written on a white board in her hospital room where it stayed all week long as a source of comfort and strength. It was Mark 5:36 "Do not be afraid, Just Believe!" That day I handed it all over to God, she was His child to take care of in that operating room. I could feel God nudging me to trust in Him, He wanted to take this burden away from me. Only He could go with the doctors and nurses into surgery, and I had to come to terms with that. As I hopelessly and helplessly watched them take her away, I had nothing else to do but Believe that God was going to show me I had no control over her and the situation, and only He was taking care of her. That day I went to the bathroom and I told God, "I hear you and I know that I want my girl to be healed. I trust and Believe that you will do it." I would be lying if I said I didn't have my occasional breakdowns during the week leading up to the surgery and the weeks after.

The day that I handed it over to God, a sense of peace came over me like I had never felt before. It was like my body was numb, I could not worry even if I wanted to. I Believed that she was healed before the surgery was even over. In the midst of this unexpected and unsettling situation, I felt the presence of God like never before. I saw Him working through my daughter, our visitors, and the entire medical staff caring for my sweet girl throughout her entire stay and recovery. Taking away my "control" over a situation involving one of the most important parts of my life was what it took for God to show me that He is always in control, we just have to accept His help. Whether we see it or not, God can take a situation of any kind and use it for His Good, you just have to decide to BELIEVE that He will. I am happy to report my girl is two years clear from that brain surgery, and she is thriving. She never missed a beat, and graduated in December of 2020 with Honors from college.

I hope you find peace, hope and healing in this story and it resonates with something you may have experienced. We are given moments in this life where Just Believing that God will do what He says is just one way that we are able to see God and His Love and His Plan for His Children!

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Ginny O'neal Glenn
Ginny O'neal Glenn
Jul 30, 2021

I am so proud of you, friend. 🌈

Love YOU and yours.


Reading and Following Soul Sister and My Sister In Christ!


I am so proud of you! this Blog is going to reach so many people in different ways. Thank you for sharing!


You are so strong and such an inspiration… you make me want to believe again!


Your Story is amazing and so is your faith ❤️

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