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Signs from Above

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

I am a big believer in signs from God, He established his frequent use of signs early on in the Bible. He used signs like angels, rainbows and other wonders to help in sending His message to encourage others to believe and trust in Him. With that being said, I believe these signs are still sent to us today. If you look around, you can see them, too.

Complete side note - If you are not completely mesmerized by the sight of a rainbow, then we just can't be friends! I am joking, but who doesn't stop and stare at that beautiful and bright image when you see it in the sky?!? I have noticed lately that with all the stress in the world, nothing helps quite as much as going outside and walking and taking in everything that God has created for us to admire. It’s amazing to me that when I am outside, I notice all the little things that make me smile more than any other time I can think of. Maybe you feel the same way, too. The tiniest flower growing where nothing else is growing, or the rocks in the shape of a heart, or maybe the birds and butterflies that appear at the perfect time and offer signs of hope and encouragement.

A few years ago, I was on my morning walk on a road I do not normally use. I came across the most wonderful sign that I have ever found on any of my walks, it was a tree branch in the shape of a cross (pictured above.) I stood in amazement that something so beautiful was somehow in my path that day, and the joy it brought to me was hard to even explain. It was like I could feel that God had put that sign there for me to see for a special reason, It literally stopped me in my tracks. It’s strange how things like a little tree can stir up so many emotions. Emotions of hope, peace, and even tears of joy can be felt by taking note of these little signs that God sends us. I find myself looking for other signs all the time, and I lean on these signs in times where I need hope and encouragement. In your day to day life, look for these signs even if you may not be able to be out in nature. Watch for God to graciously show you something that will give you encouragement! I hope you are able to find these little signs, and that they brighten your day just like they brighten mine. If you are comfortable sharing, share a time where you got a sign from God in the comments below!

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